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Surname: Moderlieschen
Other names: Malinchen, Sonnenfischchen
Latin name: Leucaspius delineatus
class: Fishes
size: 5 - 12cm
mass: ?
Older: 1 - 4 years
Appearance: green-brown scales
Sexual dimorphism: low level
Nutrition type: predominantly plankton eater (planktivor)
food: Plankton, mosquito larvae
distribution: Europe
original origin: Europe
Sleep-wake rhythm: diurnal
habitat: Freshwater waters such as lakes, ponds or ponds
natural enemies: Perch, pike, catfish
sexual maturity: towards the end of the first year of life
spawning season: April June
clutch size: ?
social behavior: Swarmfish
Threatened with extinction: No
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Interesting facts about the moderlieschen

  • The Moderlieschen or Leucaspius delineatus describes a species within the carp fish, which is also known in the German-speaking world as Malinchen or Sonnenfischchen.
  • Its distribution area is limited to Central Europe. It inhabits small, mostly standing or even temporary waters such as puddles, ponds, ponds, ditches, ponds, dredging lakes and swamps.
  • The moderlieschen likes to hide between dense water plants near the shore, where it is protected from the current.
  • It lives in swarms and stays above all under the water surface.
  • The moderlieschen has a torpedo-shaped, laterally flattened and slender body, which is covered with large and shiny scales in brown-greenish, on the side blue-silver color. It is between five and twelve inches long and has transparent fins with slightly reddish beginnings.
  • The males are slightly smaller than the females, but the appearance of the genders is difficult to distinguish.
  • Striking are the round eyes, which appear very large in relation to the body.
  • Moderlieschen are very frugal fish that feed mainly on plant and animal remains, plankton, small aquatic insects, mosquito larvae.
  • You can easily survive in low-oxygen waters.
  • Even against ice and cold the Moderlieschen is largely insensitive.
  • At the end of the first year Moderlieschen become sexually mature.
  • The spawning takes place from April to the end of June. The females stick their only one millimeter large eggs in ribbons to the stems of aquatic plants.
  • The spawning process is repeated between three and five times.
  • The males fertilize, guard and care for the eggs until they hatch after 10 or 12 days at the latest.
  • In the wild the Moderlieschen reaches a maximum age of four years.
  • Today, the moderlieschen is rarely found, as drainage of wetlands have led to a sharp decline in its habitats.
  • The extremely robust Moderlieschen is a popular fish for cold water aquariums and garden ponds.