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The sun

The most important facts and figures about the sun

Wanted: The sun

Number of planets8
Distance to Mercury60,000,000 km
Distance to Venus110,000,000 km
Distance to earth150,000,000 km
Distance to Mars227,900,000 km
Distance to Jupiter780,000,000 km
Distance to Saturn1,400,000,000 km
Distance to Uranus3,000,000,000 km
Distance to Neptune4,600,000,000 km
Distance to Pluto6,900,000,000 km
planetary ringsNo
neighboring planetMercury
scope4,379 · 10 ^ 6 km
diameter1,391,684 km
radius695,000 km
total area6.09 · 10 ^ 12 km²
Dimensions1.98855 · 10 ^ 30 kg
Mass (i.V. to earth)333.000
volume1.41 · 10 ^ 18 km³
Volume (i.V. to the earth)1.300.000
Olderabout 4.5 billion years
axis tilt7,25°
rotation speed7,189 · 10 ^ 3 km / h
direction of rotationrechtläufig
web speed?
Sidereal periodabout 25 days
gravitation274 m / s²
Temperatures at the surface5500 ° C
Average surface temperature:5500 ° C
Temperature in the core15,000,000 ° C
photosphereHydrogen (92%), helium (8%)
Most common elementsHydrogen, helium