The stem axis

Structure of the stem axis

hypocotyl: refers to the section between roots and cotyledons
Epikotyl: Section between cotyledons and the following leaves
Nodus (lat. = knot): area at the stem axis starting from the leaf

Tissue of the stem axis

dermal tissue: Epidermis is the terminal tissue of the shoot axis;
Supporting tissues: splits into Kollenchym and Sklerenchym; the kollenchyma consists of living, chloroplast-rich cells, the cell wall is thickened; The sclerenchyma, on the other hand, is dead tissue, with cell walls thickened as well. In addition, lignin is incorporated, which makes the cell woody (lignification); Kollenchym and sclerenchyma have a stabilizing function for the stem axis
storage tissue: consists of parenchyma and is used to store nutrients
Xylemthe leader comprises the conductive tissues xylem and phloem; Xylem provides for the transport of water and inorganic salts through the plant; Phloem transports organic substances such as sugars and amino acids